"I am currently working on a series of images and a self assigned design and photography book project entitled, Sticks & Stones. The inspiration for this book stems from my genuine love of nature and the out of doors, the aesthetics of natural elements, of the earth and the rough hewn textures of stone and wood in all its weathered forms. I feel that the natural “found objects” I collect from fields, forests, streams and mountains hold within them the energy and spirit of the earth from as far back as primitive man. My objective is to find that kinetic energy and release it visually in the art. When constructing these assemblages I imagine how our ancestors might have collected and arranged simple objects around their own rustic dwellings. What inspired them? Did they recognize the raw power of their own primitive art? In these photographs I try to emulate the silvered natural colors, hues and textures of the weathered wood and stone through simple lighting effects and toning—in an effort too to strike a balance between strength and serenity — wherein I find peace and exhilaration."